Wow, I sure win the award for slacker blogger of the year, huh?

Sorry for the radio silence over here these last few months… the holidays, plus family coming to town for the winter, has kept things plenty busy around these parts.

But with the new year (2019 already?!) comes a resolution to keep the new posts coming waaay more frequently than they have been lately. So please bear with me, and stay tuned for awesome new content coming up! And always, thanks for your support!

Born and raised in Las Vegas. Lived in NY and MT for a time as an adult, but now back home in Sin City. Living the single, childless life for the time being. I have been passionate about crafting, DIY, decorating and design, travel, and so much more, for my entire life, and wanted to create a platform where I can share all of these things with you! I hope you enjoy spending time in my little corner of the internet! :)