50 Easter Basket Stuffers that are NOT Candy

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Wow, it’s already the beginning of March! It’s been an interesting winter here in the Las Vegas area… including several days of snow! But for most of the country, springtime, and hopefully warmer weather, is right around the corner… which means Easter is also rapidly approaching.

When most people think of Easter, the first things that usually come to mind are egg hunts, ham dinners, maybe dressing up and attending church services… and then there’s the baskets full of sugary candy. SO MUCH CANDY.

Easter is like the final destination of the junk food train that starts with Halloween, then comes rolling through Christmas and Valentine’s Day on its route. By the time spring arrives, people would probably love to have just about anything else for their kids’ Easter baskets. Today’s parents have more on their plates than ever before, though, so sending the Easter Bunny to the store to buy a bunch of candy is often the easiest default option.

But what if I told you that there are plenty of other fun, easy, mostly inexpensive little surprises (many of which can be found at your local Dollar Tree!) for Easter that don’t involve mass amounts of sugar? And, as an added bonus, they’ll probably keep your kids occupied for longer than a hollow chocolate bunny will. Here’s my list of 50 Easter Basket Stuffers that are NOT Candy!

50 Easter Basket Stuffers that are NOT Candy:


Bubbles with Wands, 3-ct. Packs Product Image
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Deck of cards


Cute pencils

Colored pencils


Coloring books

Jump rope



Sports balls- footballs, baseballs, etc.

Mini hockey stick and puck



Pretend money

Matchbox cars

Mr. Potato Head

Small Lego kits

Toy jewelry

Egg-Shaped Chalk, 6-ct. Packs Product Image
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Sidewalk chalk

Finger Paints or watercolors

Mini clay pots+baggie of dirt+flower seeds


Action figures or Army men

Inexpensive Barbie doll+a few outfits

Mini bottles of nail polish

Silly straws

Squirt guns

Small piggy bank+decorations

Kids’ craft kits

Bubble bath

Sandbox toys

Mini versions of games- checkers, tic-tac-toe, Jenga, etc.

Flash cards

Tickets to a local sporting event or attraction




Hats or headbands

Cute hair accessories

Rubber ducks

Paper or balsa wood airplane kit

A journal/diary

Punching balls

Animal or character masks


Bath toys

Child-size apron and chef hat

Magnifying glass

Stationery kit+book of stamps


What a fun list of 50 Easter Basket Stuffers that are NOT Candy! Hopefully this helps, and gives you a few good idea for making your kids’ Easter baskets extra-special and unique! And if you want to throw in a piece or two of something sweet, that’s okay too… I won’t tell!

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