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    Walmart $25 Family Easter Basket Challenge

    The internet is overflowing with ideas for extremely elaborate and creative Easter baskets- some of which aren’t even baskets at all! I’ve seen goodies stuffed into upside-down baseball caps, rain boots, umbrellas, and even baby swimming pools! And each is often filled to the brim with themed (and often pricey) goodies. While these are amazing ideas, not everyone wants to shell out a small fortune, or is able to afford such an over-the-top setup-especially if they have a large family with several children. Or maybe you’re a single parent struggling to make ends meet, one or both parents have lost their jobs, there have been unexpected medical or other bills,…

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    A Budget-Friendly Halloween Mantlescape

    Note: This post contains some affiliate links. I MAY receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase any items via these links. But, as always, I try to only recommend products that I personally use and enjoy. Thanks for your support of The Crafty Cat Company! Howdy, readers! It’s been a while… sorry for being M.I.A., but with the holiday season upon us, rest assured that there will be plenty of new material here coming up soon! So how was everyone’s Halloween? Ours was pretty low-key, just handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. And of course, did a little holiday decorating! I wanted to share with…

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