Easy 5-Minute DIY: Recycled Bird Feeder

Today’s easy 5-Minute DIY recycled bird feeder is the perfect thing to make if you’re looking for a quick project for yourself or your kids, especially on those long summer days when they’re out of school with lots of time on their hands. It doesn’t require super-precise measurements or cutting, and it can be adapted easily to whatever empty recyclable container you have on hand, whether it’s a juice bottle like the one I used, a 2-liter soda bottle, or a plastic milk jug. It’s a way to reuse materials, and feed wildlife at the same time… not to mention costs almost nothing!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-A clean, empty plastic juice bottle, 2-liter soda bottle, or milk/water jug

-X-Acto knife, or sturdy pair of scissors


-Wild birdseed mix

-Paint, brushes, etc. to decorate container with (optional)


Step 1: Make sure bottle/jug to be used has been thoroughly cleaned, and remove the label. You can decorate the container first, if you wish, but it’s not necessary… although it would be fun for kids to do!

Step 2: Using an X-Acto knife, or good pair of scissors, cut a square-shaped opening on one side of the bottle/jug, a few inches from the bottom of the container. I would suggest making it at least 4×4″ for a small bird to have room to perch. You can go a little bit bigger with the opening if using a gallon-size jug.(And of course, when using any sharp object, adult supervision and assistance is recommended. If working with kids, parents will probably want to help with this step.)

Step 3: Place container cut side down, and trim a piece of twine at least 24″ long (longer if the branch you’ll be tying to has a larger circumference). Tie the twine in a double knot around the neck of the bottle/jug, right underneath the cap, and with the knot on the opposite side of the square cutout.

Step 4: Fasten your bird feeder to the underside of a tree branch, as shown below, with the cut opening facing away from the tree. Tie twine above branch in a double knot, and trim off excess, if desired.

Step 5: Fill feeder with your favorite birdseed, and wait for your new customers!



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